What is the difference between the Trail Series shock and a 3-Way shock? Which is better?

 The 3-way series shocks will always be superior to any single compression adjustable shock-like our Trail Series in that with both High/Low-speed damping adjustments they can be set to the softest setting for slower technical type riding that will provide optimal articulation and rider comfort and with no manual adjustment needed from the operator, the 3-way shock will change damping rate to handle higher speed applications as well as the larger hits that commonly bottom out a shock with just a single compression adjustment knob.


Once the 3 way series shocks are initially set up there is almost never a need to manually tune the shocks for different types of riding styles ranging from slow-speed rock crawling to higher speed " whooped out" type terrain.


Most customers of the 3-way series state they are a "set and forget" type shock that will handle anything you throw at them without the need to manually adjust or tune the shock-like most all shocks with a single compression adjustment knob.