814 UTV Suspension was founded in 2016 on the basis there was a void in the UTV  market for a shock that was fully adjustable and could meet the needs of the “everyday trail rider” without breaking the bank.

We  saw an opportunity, as there was a huge shortfall in the number of double adjustable shock absorbers being used in the marketplace. Many consumers were settling for non-adjustable or single adjustable shocks, primarily due to cost considerations, when they would achieve exceptionally better performance with double adjustable shocks.

UTV’s all have different needs in terms of shock valving, Driving Style/Type of Terrain/ Tire Size/ Ride Height all play a factor in correct valving for a superior ride.

814 shocks are fully customizable in that you can tune the compression and rebound dampening of the shocks individually with two separate knobs. Each knob has 19 positions (18 clicks plus a zero position) of adjustment for a total of 361 different valvings. Along with spring preload this gives the customer the ability to set the shocks up for their particular application and riding style.

814 double adjustable shocks are extended length -vs- factory style shocks. This allows 100% of the available suspension Arc to be used along with having the ability to raise the ride height of the machine 1-3″ higher than the factory setting for added ground clearance and fitment of larger diameter tires without sacrificing ride quality.

All research, development, prototyping, shock assembly, dynamometer testing and select manufacturing are done in Philipsburg,PA. and Lakeville, MN.

Our Springs are made in the U.S.A., are Ultra-lightweight, high travel and provide up to 25% weight savings over some other springs in the market. Lifetime guaranteed to remain within 2% of the original free height and rate.