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814 UTV Suspension
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by Otis Alford on 814 UTV Suspension
No Comparison

Got a chance to really put the new 814s thru a workout this weekend. We rode about 80 miles of trails at Coalmont, TN. The only thing I have to compare them to was the stock shocks on my Pioneer 1K5 ....... there was no comparison! I traveled at much faster speeds than in the past, that would not have been possible with the stock shocks without risking life and limb. The side/lateral sway from the old shocks was gone. Beside the benefit of better handling, the lagniappe of 2+" of gained ground clearance resulted in less contact with the big rocks.

by Charlie Perry on 814 UTV Suspension

Craig Folmar these 814s are amazing. Three days putting them to the test in the Boulder Mountains of Utah. I love them and my wife says thanks as well!

by Zac Wagz Wagner on 814 UTV Suspension
I am amazed

This weekend we took the Teryx5 on a good haul over to our friends about 45 mins away. Ran mostly back roads and a few trials. Had s total of 2 adults and 4 kids, we carried the mail!! Pretty incredible how much difference these shocks make. I’m amazed.

by Greg Meyer Jr on 814 UTV Suspension

Coming out the end of this hole would have knocked teeth out but the 814s soaked it up no prob ... thanks Craig Folmar great product and great customer service !!!

by Chris Reuter on 814 UTV Suspension

So finally got to try out the 814s in real world.....WOW!!!! Best$$$$ I spent on this machine!! Wife wasn’t happy about me spending 1300$ on shocks but after riding today she also said best $$$ spent....driving around my place I thought wow I just waisted 1300$ but got out on the Wisconsin trails today ., unbelievable!! We have a lot of washboard trails it it just soaks them up I can’t believe it’s the same machine,.!it also doesn’t roll near as bad in corners even with sway bar removed!