814 UTV Suspension was founded in 2016 on the basis there was a void in the UTV suspension market for an affordable fully adjustable shock that would provide a very comfortable ride quality for the “every day trail rider”.We saw an opportunity as there were no UTV shocks on the market that were geared towards a longer stroked application that would take advantage of all available suspension travel along with having the ability to raise the ride height of the machine without using “bracket lifts” that cause the machine to have a very stiff ride quality because of geometry change.

Our very first shock was the “Trail Series” double adjustable shock. This shock is a game changer in that it provides an Industry leading ride quality along with raising the ride height of the machine for the customer that doesn’t use his machine to the point of needing a race type valving that most aftermarket UTV shocks have.

The “Trail Series” shock is compression, rebound and pre-load adjustable giving the customer the ability to adjust to almost any kind of application including trail riding, hauling heavy loads, snow plowing,hunting, farm use….ETC.

Our “Dominator Series” shock was released in late 2018. This shock was designed for the customer that uses his SXS in a more aggressive application. These monotube gas charged shocks are 100% custom built to the customers specific application. The Dominator can be  custom valved ranging from high speed desert riding to rock crawling and anything in between. Where these shocks differ from most aftermarket monotube SXS shocks is that we have done extensive testing and came up with valving that will allow this style of shock to have the same slow speed “cushy” ride quality as our trail series shock while still excelling at the high speed stuff. These shocks will out perform your SXS in almost any application.

Regardless of what style shock your application calls for you can be assured 814 UTV Suspensions main goal is to provide the absolute best customer service in the aftermarket UTV shock industry.

We don’t do a “click to buy” for the fact we want to speak to each and every customer personally so that we are 100% positive you are receiving the exact product(s) your application calls for.

There is no “one product does all” when it comes to UTV suspension.

All our research, development, prototyping, assembly, dynamometer testing and select manufacturing are done in the USA.Our springs are made in the USA, are ultra light-weight, high travel and provide up to 25% weight savings over some other springs in the market. Lifetime guaranteed to remain within 2% of the original free height and rate.